Designed for: Road bike, CX, Gravel

Max rider's weight is not limited
Max stem torque (4 screw) - 4 N*m
Max shift/brake lever torque - 3 N*m

The Rool is a one-piece molded construction that has no limit on rider’s weight. We challenged ourselves to design a 420 mm drop bar weighing up to 165 grams without making any compromises on performance or reliability.

Designing the Rool drop bar, we applied our experience in manufacturing the Palka MTB handlebar which has proven its reliability and stiffness, offering excellent steering and bike control. To archive the desired characteristics of the Rool, we modified our 50 bar pressure molding know-how and performed more than 30 iterations of different lay-ups and tests.

The Rool drop bar has the popular compact drops geometry and flattened top sections. Along with 6º flare, it fits the majority of riders.

Technical specification:
Weight: 165 grams for 42 cm wide drop bar
Drop bar clamp: 31.8 mm
Flare: 6º
Reach: 75 mm
Drop: 125 mm
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