Palka XC

Palka is a lightweight handlebar designed for all MTB disciplines

Weight: 185g for 800mm long handlebar
Max load: > 800 kg
Max rider's weight is not limited
Max stem torque (4 bolts) - 4 N*m
Max brake lever torque - 3 N*m
Max grips and bar end torque - 2 N*m

Diameter 31,8 mm
Upsweep 0º
Backsweep 8,5º
Rise ±5 mm
Length from 680 to 800mm with 20mm pitch.
Note: please specify the length you need. The layup is different for each size, and you can't cut the ends

Palka gives easy handling and confidence in reliability. To achieve this balance of qualities, we reached the optimal characteristics that do not compromise with each other.

High stiffness: 800 mm wide Palka deflects only 1 cm under 100 kgf load applied on one side of the bar. That gives you precise steering and fast response from a bicycle.
Low weight: 100 grams is the weight of the lightest Palka. Lightweight Palka decreases the weight of the front end and makes the bicycle more agile.
Reliability: Palka is meticulously laid up and molded under 50bars of pressure, eliminating porosity and potential crack development. That makes the bar reliable for a very long time under the most extreme riding.
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