Glagol is a lightweight seatpost that performs on any road bike, CX, XC, gravel, etc. Suitable for saddles without cutout.

Material: mix of different carbon and Gr5 titanium hardware
Weight: 135 grams for 400 mm Glagol with 0 setback
Max load: 300 kg
Max rider's weight: 120 kg. You can secure a saddlebag under 10 kg.
Max tightening torque: 5 N*m

Glagol design allows for tightening clamp screws properly. Allen key (especially with a ball head) easily reaches them. A wide clamp area reduces saddle rail stress and provides steady saddle fastening.
We produce Glagol with and without setbacks using the same design.

1. Please check the layup scheme before choosing the length of your Glagol seatpost. We make seatposts with a specific layup for each length to make them lighter. The reinforced zone in which you can clamp the seatpost is limited. The clamping area is below and limited by the max insert line sticker.
2. Please don't forget to use special carbon grease when installing Bjōrn saddles or any other saddle with carbon rails on Bjōrn Glagol. That prevents сarbon parts from sliding on each other.
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