Weight: 131 grams
Length: 250 mm
Rail to saddle top: 30 to 35 mm depending on the position against seatpost
Max. permissible total weight: 120 kg
Rails: Carbon 7x9 mm
Shell: Carbon
Pad: 3D printed

Setka is the lightest saddle on the market that features a 3D-printed pad. The pad is designed and produced by Carbon Inc. in the USA using Digital Light Synthesis.

This technology allows for the creation of parts with exceptional mechanical properties, resolution, and finish.

3D printing technology is the best available method for producing flexible complex structures. Integration of this flexible structure with our carbon shell provides exceptional saddle comfort at a weight that is unmatched.

The design of Setka eliminates the overloading of pressure points during long rides, ensuring optimal performance in any riding conditions. The front part of the pad is softer, providing relief for soft tissues when the rider is in an aggressive position. The rear part is more rigid, ensuring support when riding uphill.

The base of our saddles is made of carbon with a triangular reinforcement pattern underneath. The rails are not simply bonded to the shell but inserted into reinforced slots. Compared to adhesive bonding, this design confers greater reliability without a significant weight penalty.

Usefull information:
  1. size chart helps to choose the right width of your saddle
  2. manual for Setka saddle