Weight: 98 to 135 grams depending on characteristics
Max. permissible total weight (rider + saddle bag): 120 kg
Material: Carbon
Hardware: Gr5 titanium PVC coated
Min. insert: 70 mm

The Glagol is a lightweight seatpost that performs exceptionally well on any road, gravel, cyclocross, or cross-country bicycle. It is suitable for saddles with and without a cutout, with tightening screws that can be flipped for your convenience.

The design of Glagol allows for easy tightening of clamp screws. The wide clamp area reduces saddle rail stress and ensures consistent, secure saddle fastening.

We offer Glagol with and without setbacks, using the same design for both.

Note: Please check the layup scheme before choosing the length of your Glagol seatpost. We make seatposts with a specific layup for each length to make them lighter. The reinforced zone in which you can clamp the seatpost is limited. The clamping area is below and limited by the max insert line sticker.