Weight: 115 to 180 grams depending on characteristics
Material: Carbon
Max. rider's weight is not limited
The layup is different for each size, so you can't cut the ends

The geometry of the bar with a 20 mm rise:
Diameter 31,8
Upsweep 5º
Backsweep 7º

The geometry of flat bar:
Rise ±5 mm
Diameter 31,8 mm
Upsweep 0º
Backsweep 8,5º

Designed for all MTB disciplines

Designing the Palka handlebar, our focus was on delivering an exceptional on-trail experience, conferring bomb-proof durability without sacrificing weight or compliance.

The Palka handlebar carbon layup provides the minimum possible weight while ensuring 100% reliability. Palka is meticulously laid up and molded under 50 bars of pressure, eliminating porosity and potential crack development. This laborious layup process makes the bar reliable under the most extreme riding.

The lightweight design reduces the weight of the front end of your bicycle, resulting in increased agility and enhanced maneuverability, allowing for precise handling.

We manufacture the bars to order with a lead time of two weeks.