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Glagol seat post User's manual
Please read this Technical instruction carefully, and save this link for later reference. These instructions will help you install your Glagol seatpost correctly and use it for a long time.
Technical specification
Material: mix of different carbon and Gr5 titanium hardware
Max load: 300 kg
Max rider's weight: 120 kg. You can secure a saddlebag under 10 kg.
Max tightening torque: 5 N*m
1. We make seatposts with a specific layup for each length to make them lighter. The reinforced zone in which you can clamp the seatpost is limited. The clamping area is below and limited by the max insert line sign.
2. Carbon parts can slide easily on each other. Please use special carbon grease when installing Bjōrn Glagol seatpost.
3. You can reverse the seatpost screws if your saddle has a cut-out.
4. Do not store carbon parts in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Mounting Instructions
To install your Glagol to the bicycle frame, please, follow these steps:
1. Apply carbon grease to the clamping area.
2. Insert the Glagol into the frame, the max insert line sign should be above the clamping area.
3. Use a torque wrench to tighten the clamp for a maximum torque of 5 N*m.
To install your saddle to the Glagol, please, follow these steps:
1. If your saddle has carbon rails, you need to apply carbon grease to prevent carbon parts from sliding against each other.
2. Don't unscrew the screws completely. Do it to release the fitting plates.
3. Insert the saddle sideways at ninety degrees and rotate it.
4. Tighten the screws in one by one, steadily leveling the saddle. Allen key easily reaches the bolts, then tightens them properly.
5. Then align the saddle horizontally. A wide clamp area reduces saddle rail stress and provides steady saddle fastening.
6. Now the saddle is installed correctly.
Here is a video with proper Glagol installation: