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Lapka computer mount user's manual
Please read this Technical instruction carefully, and save this link for later reference. These instructions will help you install your Lapka computer mount correctly and use it for a long time.
Technical specification
Weight: 16 grams (together with titanium screw and computer insert)
Inserts options: Garmin, Wahoo
Size: 70 mm (C-C). Fits all Garmin, Wahoo computers excl. Garmin 1000 series
Clamping width: 10 mm
Offset: 24 mm
Compatible with 31,8 diameter handlebar
Max. load 200 grams
Max torque: 1 N*m
1. You may need to apply carbon grease to prevent carbon parts from sliding.
2. Do not store carbon parts in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Mounting Instructions
To install your Lapka computer mount please follow these steps:
1. Unscrew the carbon ring clamp and remove the screw and washer.
2. Do not apply excessive force to unbend the ring, just smoothly push it onto the handlebar.
3. Level the mount, install the screw and the washer.
4. Tighten the screw using torque wrench with maximum torque of 1 N*m.
Here is a video with proper Lapka installation: