Probka saddle user's manual
Please read this Technical instruction carefully, and save this link for later reference. These instructions will help you install your Probka saddle correctly and use it for a long time.
Technical specification
Rails: Carbon 7x9 mm oval
Weight: 105 grams
Width: 143 mm, 155 mm
Length: 250
Rail to saddle topper: 35 to 45 mm, depending on the position
Max rider's weight: 120 kg. You can secure a saddlebag under 10 kg.
Max torque: 5 N*m
1. –°heck the compatibility of your seat post with the oval rails.
2. Probka saddle has carbon rails, you need to apply carbon grease to prevent carbon parts from sliding.
Mounting Instructions
To install your Probka saddle, please follow the instructions for your seat post installation. If you have the Glagol seat post, please follow this link.

To set the saddle to the horizontal position, place a book of any other flat object on the saddle and use the waterpass.
Proper care
1. If the saddle becomes dirty or stained with sweat after a hot or rainy ride, wipe the saddle with a damp cloth and remove the dirt.
2. Do not store the saddle in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
For any questions regarding methods of handling or maintenance, please contact the place of purchase or write a message to us.
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