Rool drop bar user's manual
Please read this Technical instruction carefully, and save this link for later reference. These instructions will help you install your Rool drop bar correctly and use it for a long time.
Technical specification
Designed for: Road bike, CX, Gravel

Max rider's weight is not limited
Max stem torque (4 screw) - 4 N*m
Max shift/brake lever torque - 3 N*m

Weight: 165 grams for 42 cm wide drop bar
Drop bar clamp: 31.8 mm
Flare: 6ยบ
Reach: 75 mm
Drop: 125 mm
1. Carbon components have excellent strength properties, but are delicate to impact. If, while riding a bicycle with a carbon drop bar, you fall, or hit the drop bar hard against a tree or an obstacle then you should inspect the drop bar for damage removing the bar tape if needed. Even minor cracks in the outer layer of carbon indicate significant damage on the inside. It is not safe to ride such a drop bar.
2. Do not drill the holes for internal rooting by yourself. It is not safe.
3. Do not store carbon parts in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Mounting Instructions
1. To install your Rool drop bar please follow the instructions for your stem installation.
2. Apply carbon grease to the clamping area to prevent carbon parts from sliding.
3. When installing brakes, shifters and stem, refer to the max torque parameters indicated in the technical specification above.

Max stem torque (4 screw) - 4 N*m
Max shift/brake lever torque - 3 N*m
For any questions regarding methods of handling or maintenance, please contact the place of purchase or write a message to us.
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