Skrepka seatpost clamp user's manual
Please read this Technical instruction carefully, and save this link for later reference. These instructions will help you install your Skrepka seatpost clamp correctly and use it for a long time.
Manufacturer's Installation Recommendations:
Always adhere strictly to the installation recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Deviating from these guidelines may result in improper installation and compromise the performance and safety of the Skrepka seatpost clamp.

Torque Values:
Maximum torque value is 5 N*m. Over-tightening may lead to damage, while insufficient torque might cause the seatpost to shift during use.

Seat tube Compatibility:
For optimal performance, precise frame compatibility is crucial; any deviation of +- 0,2 mm in the frame tube diameter may compromise a secure grip.

Mounting to the frame:

1. Loosen the bolt on the seat post clamp using 4 mm hex key to allow for adjustment.
2. position the clamp around the seat tube.
3. Insert your seatpost at the desired height.
4. Within the gap of the seatpost clamp, there is a special plastic washer that ensures the correct application of force when tightening the bolt. Do not lose it and do not tighten the seatpost clamp without it, as this may result in breaking the clamp.
5. Align the clamp to ensure it is straight and tighten the bolt securely to hold the seat post in place.

Cleaning Instructions:
Clean with water, using a bicycle pressure washer is not prohibited.

Storage Precautions:
Avoid storing carbon parts in direct sunlight for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may adversely affect the materials and overall performance. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Remember that proper care, adherence to installation guidelines, and regular checks contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of your Skrepka seatpost clamp. If in doubt or if you encounter any issues, contact the manufacturer for professional assistance.